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"Not only is a fiduciary not prohibited from serving as a lead plaintiff, the Secretary believes that a fiduciary has an affirmative duty to determine whether it would be in the interest of the plan participant to do so … It may not only be prudent to initiate litigation, but also a
breach of a fiduciary's duty not to pursue a valid claim."
U.S .Dept. of Labor, Amicus brief filed in Bragdon v. Telxon (N.D. Ohio)

"Through the PSLRA, Congress has unequivocally expressed its preference for securities fraud litigation to be directed by large institutional investors."
Chief Judge Buchmeyer, Gluck v. Cellstar (N.D. Tex.)

"The International Brotherhood of Teamsters pension and health and welfare trusts collectively hold nearly $100 billion in assets. Trustees of these funds have a responsibility to
monitor and act in the interest of advancing sound corporate governance and policies that build long-term value. Teamster pension fund trustees can impact and enhance corporate accountability by joining with other Teamsters trustees, shareholders and institutional investors to ensure that corporate America is responsive to the needs of hardworking Teamster members."
International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Capital Strategies Dept.

"Pension funds benefit from free portfolio monitoring services offered by plaintiffs' firms to pension funds and other institutional investors."
PricewaterhouseCoopers, "Securities Litigation Update – The Pension Fund Factor"